The name of this beautiful province says enough, really. A coastline of no less than 650 km; elongated with islands, seascapes and sandbars. You’ll reach the sea within a maximum of 15 minutes. The Zeeland islands in the middle of the water; where the waves, tides and weather conditions symbolize the dynamics of life. No place in Europe has such a special play between water and land.

Living the life on the coast

The qualities of the Zeeland life: the freedom and the seaside feeling, the healing effect of the oceanwater and the purifying air, (sports) outdoor activities have a great attraction to tourists at home and abroad. Vlissingen is a wonderful example of a seaside resort, which is very popular with seaside visitors.

Culinary life on the coast

The sea has a large amount of culinary delights to offer. Fish, crustaceans and shellfish of which the Zeeland mussels are the most wellknown. Entrepreneurs with a pioneering spirit have brought exceptional sea products and regional products to the market in recent decades.

In addition, you will find many oysters, cockles and clams on the coast that can be served in many different ways. In the salty area around it the cultivation of the tasty samphire and sea lavender; delicious in combination with a fish dish. Famous Michelin-starred restaurants such as Inter Scaldes and Pure C make full use of these natural food sources and owe their culinary success to the regional ingredients. The mussel office in Yerseke, for example, is unique in the world.