Vlissingen is a very central location in Europe. The seaside resort can be reached easily and quickly from various locations and in different ways.

From France and Belgium

Are you from France? Within four hours of driving from Paris you’ll find yourself on the boulevard in Vlissingen. French guests are therefore reasonably fast in the seaside resort of Vlissingen.

For a Belgian tourist or businessman, Vlissingen really is a stone's throw away; From Antwerp, Vlissingen can already be reached within forty minutes. Conversely, hotel guests can easily take a trip to Burgundian Belgium.

From England

BRIT., in past times still Grand Hotel Britannia, attracted a lot of visitors from England. Now you arrive by ferry, but also via the canal tunnel you can make the crossing Dover-Calais and then drive to Vlissingen by car. From here you can reach Vlissingen within two-and-a-half hours. The same route including crossing can also be traveled by train.

You can also travel via the ferry routes Harwich - Hoek van Holland and Dover - Dunkirk to arrive in Vlissingen in one and a half hours or two hours respectively.

By plane

For the business visitor, but also for tourists elsewhere in Europe or the world, who want to visit Vlissingen there is the possibility to travel by plane. Airports in Brussels, Rotterdam, Schiphol Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Düsseldorf can be reached by car or train within a two hour journey.