Exclusivity. Luxury. Authenticity.

This is exactly what we promise with the improved reconstruction of Grand Hotel Britannia at the seaside of Zeeland. 'Old Hollywood Glamour', the crème de la crème and that VIP feeling, we will bring it all back to BRIT. In this new building you will enjoy an unparalleled view with spectacular sunsets in your luxury residence. Right next to the boulevard and the sunniest southern beach in the Netherlands. Here you will be celebrating life, really. In BRIT. more 80 luxury boutique residences will be realized with high quality finishes and a beautiful balcony. In this iconic building you will experience the fame, international allure and opulence from back in the day. In BRIT. you will reside generously and to your own standard. Nothing less.

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Phenomenal view

80 luxury residences with sea view. A unique fact in itself, but what really makes this experience so special are the spectacular sunsets. They let the sea and the horizon shine like no other. With a spacious balcony at your residence you can really enjoy the ensemble. In clear weather you even have visibility up to beautiful Knokke.